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Donations have always been one of the main sources of the church’s work, but also a great help to the foundation.

The most gratifying thing is that many of our donors do it periodically.

We have collected targeted donations for the restoration of the medieval baptismal font of Pöide Church, for the external and internal light and for other purposes.
Today, our common great task is to become the king of instruments in the church, the great organ. The offer of registered organ flowers has started!

Donations can be made to the church account and the foundation account.

EELK Pöide Maarja Congregation:
Swedbank EE292200001120136950

EELK Pöide Maarja congregation special account
(donations and projects, new organ):
Swedbank EE232200221039772450

Pöide St. Mary’s Church Foundation:
Swedbank EE492200221054650133

Thanks to all the donors!

Thanks to all donators!


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