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The Foundation of Pöide St. Mary’s Church was founded by the Pöide Saint Mary’s congregation of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church and by the then Pöide Rural Municipality on March 13, 2012, to support the congregation in renovation of the church.

The objective of the Foundation, according to the articles of association, is to save St. Mary’s Church of Pöide – a unique architectural and historical monument from destruction, to carry out its restoration for preserving and extension of its religious and clerical functions, as well as to promote the church as an impressive concert hall and a tourist attraction.

The first 8-member Supervisory Board of the Foundation included on behalf of the congregation Rev. Veiko Vihuri, Dean of the Saarte Deanery (Chairman of the Board of the Foundation); Ms Heidi Madisson, Mr Meelis Pärn and Ms Anne Untera; and on behalf of Pöide Rural Municipality Ms Maire Käärid, Mr Vilmar Laak, Ms Angela Nairis and Mr Jaan Tamm. The first member of the Management Board of the Foundation was Mr Gerri Grünberg, followed by Mr Andi Angel.

As of 2020, the Chairman of the Board is Mr Jaan Tamm. Members of the Board: Ms Elje Kula, Ms Maire Käärid, Mr Vilmar Laak, Ms Angela Nairis, Mr Meelis Pärn, Mr Argo Püssim, and Ms Maarja Truumees. Member of the Management Board is Ms Anne Untera.

Commercial registry code:

+372 56 622 452,

poide.kirik [at]; anne.untera [at]

Postal address:
Maarja, Pöide küla,
94520 Saaremaa vald, Saare maakond, ESTONIA

Bank account:
Swedbank EE492200221054650133
Pöide Maarja Kiriku Sihtasutus

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